How to find out Ubuntu system information

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There are a few ways to figure out which version of Ubuntu and kernel you are using.

First, lets try GUI. Just go to System > About Ubuntu. It will shows you a lot of information, including the version you are using.

You can use the Terminal to find out more. Open it up and type:

uname -a

It will print all the information, -a stands for all. You can try other flags, such as -r, -o or -v.

uname -r

will show only the kernel information

uname -o

shows only your operating system, and

uname -v

displays the version of your kernel.


There are other ways to find the version of your linux. Type:

lsb_release -a

-a shows all information once again. You can alternatively use:

cat /etc/lsb-release

or try

cat /etc/issue


Don’t you just feel better now, knowing more about what exactly is under the hood of your PC case? 🙂

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