How to open a Terminal window in Ubuntu

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Ubuntu Terminal Window

Ubuntu Terminal Window

This one is simple, but many starting Linux users find terminal windows extremely overwhelming. It is true, even in Ubuntu you WILL have to use terminal at some point. It is similar to Windows Command Prompt window but is more vital part in the OS. 🙂

It is usually a lot faster to get something done using Command Line Interface (CLI), but you need some experience before you get better at it. So, here is how you start a Terminal window in Ubuntu:

Applications menu > Accessories > Terminal.

Now lets configure a terminal shortcut keys. Go to:

System > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts.

It is also pretty convenient to open/switch between terminal windows by pressing Ctrl + Alt + F1 through F6. F7 will hide the Terminal windows and get you back to the desktop.

These are the simple ways to open the terminal window in Ubuntu and do simple navigation between the ones you have. We will have a look at common functions and describe some useful terminal commands in the future posts.

Edit: I broke my ubuntu today and almost lost hope as ALT+F# buttons did not work. I was able to get the terminal window using this shortcut:


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