How to install Guake in Ubuntu

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Guake is a cool Quake style drop-down terminal for Gnome used in Ubuntu by default. If you use Kubuntu, which uses KDE instead of Gnome, you would need Yakuake, video for Yakuake is below:



By default, you can show and hide the terminal with button F12.

To install it, just type in Terminal:

sudo apt-get install guake

Now go to System > Preferences > Startup Applications and click add, in the new window type “Guake Terminal” for name, /usr/bin/guake/ for command and “Guake Terminal” in the comment. It will now launch Guake on startup. Now go through some Guake settings in System > Preferences > Guake Preferences, change as needed and start – Applications > Accessories > Guake Terminal.

Hope you like it, it does speed some things up a bit.

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