How to add svn hooks with SVNManager in Ubuntu

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So, once we set up our svn and SVNManager in Ubuntu, it would probably be nice to get emails every time a user in the repository makes a commit.
Svnmanager supports the post create script, which will be fired every time a new repository gets created. Lets start:

sudo gedit /var/www/svnmanager/config.php

at the end of the config, uncomment and edit the line to:

$post_create_script = "/bin/bash /var/www/newrepo-script";

Now lets create the newrepo-script:

$post_create_script = "/bin/bash /var/www/newrepo-script";

And add these lines:

cp -R /var/www/repo-templates/* $1/hooks/

which pretty much just tells to copy the content of the templates folder to the newly created repository’s /hooks/ directory. /hooks directory will execute the hooks that we place there on each event that we create. We will add post-commit hook for this example.

cd /var/www
sudo mkdir repo-templates

now the hook

sudo gedit post-commit

Add these lines and save:


/usr/bin/svnnotify                    \
    --repos-path    "$REPOS"                \
    --revision      "$REV"                  \
    --subject-cx                            \
    --with-diff                             \
    --handler       HTML::ColorDiff         \
    --to     \
    --from          root@localhost

Feel free to edit the email addresses. Now we need to make the script executable:

sudo chmod +x post-commit

Make sure that you have svnnotify package. Type:

which svnnotify

and if it shows the path, make sure it is the same as we made in post-commit file, if not, edit post-commit file. If path doesn’t show, chances are you don’t have the package installed. Install it by:

sudo apt-get install libsvn-notify-perl

This should do it. If you want to send the emails to every user in the repository, you may have to edit the hook. I found another good tutorial about it here.

Update: I created the hook the way I wanted it, for complete code visit this page – svn post-commit hook in Ubuntu.

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