Disable Hibernation on Ubuntu Laptop

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Ubuntu Lucid Lynx puts your laptop into hibernation by default when idle. During hibernation, the content of your RAM gets written to the hard drive on a separate partition before turning off the laptop. This content gets reloaded on the next start up. In order to hibernate, your laptop needs to have enough free space on the hard drive.

In some cases, even when the hard drive space may not be an issue, you may like to decrease the waiting time for the computer to boot up again and would rather have it go into sleep mode rather than hibernation. This is when you may want to change these settings. In order to make it go to the sleep mode when running on battery power, follow these steps:

1) Open the terminal window (ALT+F2)

2) Enter gconf-editor command

3) Once the editor window comes up, go to apps -> gnome-power-manager -> actions

4) You should see two sleep_type options – sleep_type_ac for the power and sleep_type_battery for the battery mode. Now change the value for sleep_type_battery from hibernate to suspend and you are set.

You can also edit the Power Management options under “System” -> “Administration” and specify the time you want to wait before your laptop/pc goes into sleep/hibernation mode.

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