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Ubuntu Avatar

If you are a hardcore Ubuntu user, you are probably very proud of it. Most of the people I met who use Linux love to show off their systems. Their desktops scream “Check how hot I am” with sexy and geeky wallpapers, useful plug-ins, nicely organized icons and custom color schemes. These people talk about Linux non-stop, always eager to learn and share something new and useful.

Everybody have nice wallpapers, however, not everybody use avatars that let other people know what they are into without asking. Avatars are generally used on messengers, forums, social networks and blogs. Perhaps it is time to fire your pidgin and change the image you have been using for years to something newer and more relevant.

Check out these cool Ubuntu avatars, I am pretty sure you would find something that will fit your taste. If not, you can always create an avatar of your own as they have other options, such as creating one from your own image.

Just thought I would share just a few great but not the best ones I found. There are over 100 of them, these are just 6 of my quick picks 🙂

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